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AFCC Australian Chapter
123 Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna, VIC 3084

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Subcommittee on:
Advocate therapists and initiatives to modify the APS Guidelines for dealing with young people

Subcommittee for:
Initiatives with Hague Convention cases

Subcommittee for:
Complaints to professional bodies about Single Expert Witnesses

Subcommittee for:
Current Legal Issues

Subcommittee for:
Innovations in Family Law Think Tank

Board Members

Justice Steven Strickland – President
Mr Vincent Papaleo – Vice President
Judge Alexandra Harland – Vice President Elect
Chief Justice Diana Bryant – Immediate Past President
Mr David Edney – Treasurer
Dr Jennifer Neoh – Secretary
Ms Julie Jackson
Ms Lilia Szarski
Mr Andrew Bickerdike
Dr David List
Judge Alexandra Harland
Dr Janina Szyndler
Judge Robyn Sexton
Ms Fiona Darroch
Ms Kirstie Colls

Conference Committee Members

Dr Jennifer Neoh – Conference Venue
Ms Brigid Jenkins – Presenters
Mr Darren Mort – Sponsorship
Ms Lisa Bottomley – Publishing and Media
Ms Elizabeth Picker
Mr David Edney – Finance
Dr Vicki Gordon
Ms Fiona Darroch
Ms Julie Jackson